First United Presbyterian Church Seal

A Short History of Nameoki United Presbyterian Church

As the area north of Granite City called Nameoki began to develop after World War II, it became apparent that the services of a church were needed. The Presbyterians were first to respond and Nameoki Presbyterian Church was born.

The Synod of Illinois send Miss Ruth Mohr to the Nameoki area in 1947 to organize the first Sunday School. Classes, and later church services, were held in the Nameoki Elementary School on Pontoon Road.

Later that year, on October 1, 1947, the pastor of the Mitchell Presbyterian Church, The Rev. Hobart C. Chapin began regular worship services in addition to his duties in the Mitchell church. A council of interested adults was formed and met monthly to oversee the developing congregation.

The group felt the necessity of becoming a full-fledged congregation and presented Alton Presbytery with a petition containing 40 names on April 19,1949. Just a month later, on May 15, 1949, the Nameoki Presbyterian Church was legally organized: the first officers of the church were installed at that same service.